Shipping season July 5-August 26, 2016

Email Keith at
A good alternative to phoning, and a more likely way to get your questions answered quickly, rather than phoning and leaving a message.  We can send email at midnight, but doubt you'd appreciate a phone call at that hour.

Call 503-391-9241 after dark
or Write to PO Box 18154
Salem, OR 97305

Price list is $2.00.
Mail to PO Box 18154, Salem, OR 97305

Sorry, we do not ship to foreign addresses.
​Thank you for your interest in our irises! After sixty years of hybridizing, we are limiting our for-sale listings to only the most recent (5-6 years) of our introductions. In our sunset years we want to leave more time for the fun part... making crosses and blooming new seedlings. If you are looking for some that are a few years older, we may be able to assist in the search.

We also list a selection of the newer bearded irises from Barry Blyth, for those of you who have not yet tried importing direct from source in Australia. You may want to check the Tempo Two Nursery website to learn more: